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The Hidden Groove is a celebration of the funny and the forgotten.   Vinyl records aren't just about Pop music.  Stand Up Comedy, Sketch comedy, famous speeches, poetry, vanity recordings, language lessons,marketing pitches------vinyl records carried All culture with it, not just music!

The vinyl record thing happened slowly over the decades.  It started with comedy, and me in my room playing Steve Martin, Smothers Brothers, Eddie Murphy and others over and over again and laughing my butt off.  Then while hunting for props and costumes for my Theater Life, I would find records of old comedy, sketch comedy and other weird wonderful things.  Three years ago, I began to take it seriously.  In 2021, I started this Podcast.  


About Me

John Poole has been an actor, comedy improvisor, robber of artistic tombs and lover of the strange and bizarre in art ever since he was a boy.  He was born in Chicago, raised in South Texas, and moved back to Chicago ‘bout eight years ago.  And that’s when he decided to stop referring to himself in the third person.
   I’ve written a few plays, nothing professionally produced.  I helped run a Classical Theater Company in San Antonio, Texas for a few years.  I also started a Orginal Theater Company in that same city.  Between and during it all I did Improv!  A lot.  I mean a whole lot of damn improv.  Man, did I do Improv.  Been married twice, still with the second one.  Two step kids who tolerate me and a job that keeps me in records, bourbon and whatever Willie recommends!  



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